A magical place where the most flavorful citrus grows.

Sweet Valley Citrus Satsuma

Exceptional Fruit

Super-sweet, juicy, easy-to-peel, and seedless, Satsuma Mandarin Oranges grown in the Sweet Valley Citrus region might just be the perfect fruit. Because growing conditions in Sweet Valley are found nowhere else, these delicious, refreshing and healthy treats are only available during a limited season—November through January—when they’re picked ripe from the trees, packed immediately, and rushed to stores, schools and restaurants.

Enchanted Region

Happy citrus trees in the Sweet Valley region—throughout the North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia—enjoy warm summers, and cool spring and fall seasons. Rich soils, and the perfect amount of rain and humidity, add to Mother Nature’s magic to produce our exquisite fruit.

Sweet Valley Citrus Satsuma Harvest


See what’s happening with Sweet Valley Citrus

Limitless Variety.
Unexpected flavors.

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