Welcome to Sweet Valley,

a magical place where the most flavorful citrus grows.

Sweet Valley Citrus - Three State Map - Alabama, Georgia, Florida

In the Southeast U.S.—throughout the Florida Panhandle, Eastern Alabama and Southern Georgia—rich soil, combined with warm summers and cool spring and fall seasons, yields the sweetest, premium fruit imaginable.

Sweet Valley easy-peel Satsuma Mandarins are being harvested and packed right now.

These rare treats have a limited season. Available only November through January, exclusively from small, family, citrus groves.

Sweet Valley Citrus - Rare Treats

Now shipping from state-of-the art packing facilities.

Sweet Valley Citrus - Oranges

For information on availability for retailers, schools, foodservice, and anywhere super sweet, seedless Satsuma Mandarins are enjoyed, contact us today.

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