A Magical Place

The place where Sweet Valley Citrus grows isn’t a single valley, but a region of valleys and plains throughout the North Florida, South Alabama, and South Georgia, that has the unique soil and weather patterns that make Sweet Valley Citrus so special.

Sweet Valley Citrus Map

The Sweet Valley Region

Rich soils. Warm summer days. Cool spring and fall nights. Regular rainfall throughout the year. That describes the perfect growing conditions for Satsuma Mandarin Oranges and our other citrus fruit. It also perfectly describes where Sweet Valley Citrus grows, flourishes, and develops its super sweet flavor.

And because no other place on the planet can match these conditions, Sweet Valley Citrus is 100% local grown. Right here in the Southeast U.S. Never imported. Not possible from Texas, California or even South Florida, Sweet Valley Citrus is as unique and magical as the region.

Meet Our Growers

While much of farming is dominated by large corporate conglomerates, the people who grow Sweet Valley Citrus epitomize the family farm. Our groves are measured in acres and tens of acres, not thousands of acres. The time and attention devoted to each tree—from planting to pruning to nurturing to harvesting—can’t be replicated in a large operation.

Sweet Valley Citrus is a true American success story, started in 2017, with more trees being planted and maturing to fruit-bearing age each year. Did you know it takes about five years for our trees to begin producing the super-sweet, juicy fruit we’re known for?

Sweet Valley Citrus Satsuma Harvest

Limitless Variety.
Unexpected flavors.

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