Our Specialty Citrus

Simply the sweetest, juiciest, easy-to-eat fruit imaginable!

Sweet Valley Citrus is tree-ripened, and harvested throughout the fall, winter and spring months. Our mainstay premium Satsumas are available November through January, just in time for the holidays. Since 100% of Sweet Valley is grown and packed locally and shipped daily, buyers and consumers always receive the freshest fruit available.

The Sweet Valley Citrus region provides the perfect growing environment for our special Satsuma Mandarin Oranges. They can’t be grown like this anywhere else in the world, and fortunately, we have a bountiful supply throughout our short harvest season. Other varieties of citrus thrive in our region too, so look for the Sweet Valley Citrus label on Satsumas, Tangos, Shiranuis, Cara Caras, Grapefruit, Kishu, and Lemons.


Sweet Valley Citrus varieties taste great! Plus, these low-calorie fruits are the perfect healthy addition for anyone looking to add more plant-based foods or balance their diet. Check out all the “sweet” benefits of citrus:

• Low Calorie
• Naturally Healthy and Delicious
• Good Source of Fiber
• Packed with Vitamins and Minerals
• Rich in Plant Compounds
• Fat and Sodium Free

Selection & Storage

When choosing the perfect Satsuma, pick one that is firm and heavy. The skin should be fairly smooth and may have slight greening or a rough brown patch, which will not affect the quality or taste of the fruit.

Citrus fruit can be refrigerated in the crisper drawer or stored away from direct sunlight at room temperature to provide a colorful visual accent to your kitchen. Satsuma and other citrus also stores well in the freezer for a delicious frozen treat—just peel and separate the segments before freezing.

Limitless Variety.
Unexpected flavors.

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